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March 31, 2009 Mark 4:35-to conclusion

This was the story of the storm on the Sea of Galilee. Various questions were asked. Tom asked why was Jesus asleep during the storm? Greg asked why they hadn’t figured out who Jesus was? Bill wondered What is the faith they need? Faith is associated with powers to do things. It is not until chapter 8-9 they Jesus predicts his death. Another question was what motivated the disciples to follow Jesus? It is true that storms can come up very quickly in a large sea. Mark said that there were lots of boats, so why were they afraid? Were they cowards? Tom suggested that Jesus is trying to give them signs to improve their faith. Bill says we need to distinguish between faith and belief. Hebrews 11 is the faith chapter. The disciples weren’t waking Jesus because of faith, they needed him to help them bale water out of the boat. The story demonstrates teh comfort one has when Jesus is with you in crisis like surgery does to sickness. Psalm 121 no one controls heaven and earth except the one who made them. In a small debate on belief and faith, Bill asks what happened to Jesus faith on the cross, maybe he was grasping for the power to let go. Mark says this tension we’re talking about is so real we are challenged along the way. Mark mentioned a man who had a heart attack and was alone. He felt that he suffered more without the help of friends and community. Mark says that belief is horizontal and faith is vertical. If you were in the boat, what would you do? Does Jesus have his power because of his faith? Basic question here is Who is Jesus? Matt asks does it mean — we decided its because he was preaching from the boat already so they took him just as he was.Jesus demonstrates that when they live as a group(feeding 5000) they can be better off then people who go it alone. Jesus never spoke against the Roman government. The Jews were looking for a political messiah.

March 17, 2009 Mark 4:12-29

Chuck introduced Pastor Tom Walker. Pastor asked if we had heard the Bible stores as kids, and most of us had. He said that kids today haven’t heard most of the Bible stories. A question asked about how much the parables Jesus taught depended on the people’s roots he was talking to. Pastor said people in that day were quite familiar with the stories of the Old Testament. We talked about the impact some of the Bible stories and parables had on us as we were growing up. Pastor Walker asked if the stories were prescriptive or descriptive? He asked what is the nature of a farmer who sows seed everywhere not just on the soil that has been prepared for it? Norm referred to Jesus talking to the two thieves on the cross as pretty hard soil for him to reach them. Matt talked about how one man said he behaved as he did because he was afraid of his father but respected his mother. Many of the parables talked about the difficulty wealthy people have in serving Jesus, and Mark added that most of us are very wealthy compared to the people of the Lambo parish in Tanzania. Pastor said that life is so much more than just the financial aspect. Steve added that the more you work with people spiritually, the more it impacts you personally.

03/03/2009 Mark 4

Paul made a comment about the stock market as the Dow had fallen below 7000 and we needed a good prayer because of the economic problems the country was having. Then we started talking about parables and the way that Jesus used them to educate his disciples. This led us to a discussion of the authenticity of the Bible. Oral traditions were ways to pass on historical facts of what was happening. Al made a point that people at that time didn’t understand Jesus purpose on earth and it is not clear some of these stories helped. It is not clear why Jesus told outsiders parables because they probably would have difficulty understanding them. We speculated about how historically accurate the writing might be. But as Gene says, the Bible is inspired by God. We raised questions about the Kingdom of God and what is its secret? When Jesus calmed the seas, is that rebuking the devil. The sermon on the Mount is a prescription for how we should be living in Christ.